Installation Artist + Eco Dyer + Memory Archivist


An adventure

I got up early

I crossed land and sea

So my eyes could dream,

and my heart could fly even further

And I saw wondrous, unexpected things.


First Look

The pieces are out of the pot.

This one is a keeper.

The other 2 pieces will appear at Horti-Couture tomorrow in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha. If you are in town come check it out.


In 2014 I had the good fortune to meet Teresa Dair when she came to Brisbane for the Craft Show. She is responsible for getting me interested in knitting. I had wanted to dye the knitted surface, however what I had seen of knitting was not me. Teresa blew my mind.

I made the decision to move away from printing on clothing blanks a few months ago so it was time to revisit Teresa’s pattern books.

This is a 4pointed scarf called Halter, which can be worn as a scarf or shrug.

You’ll be proud of me.

I followed the pattern.

I didn’t let my attention wander.


Then this happened …

I made a freeform (made it up as I was going) 3 point scarf which became an asymmetrical vest. It is knitted on 4 different sizes of needles which I swapped out randomly. I also added holes here and there which I embellished with contrasting yarn.

It will go in the pot, probably on the weekend, along with this piece hot off the needles.

It was intended to be a Teresa vest, was changed to be a Teresa tunic, however due to the variance in needle size and number of stitches cast on it was too long. After some folding and sewing it is a tunic that can be worn as a singlet, with one or both shoulders covered.

Now off to the dyepot.

10 years ago today


The house is silent.

He who told the stories is gone.

Memories gather. On every surface, in every corner.

Filling bowls, spilling off tables and out of cupboards.

They are fragile as cobwebs,

And as solid as stone.

Others come, turn the memories in their hands.

Fill their pockets, let them play between their fingers.

They speak the stories, and old becomes new.

Calling last drinks

I will be running a One Day Workshop for QSWFA this Sunday. It is based on the one day format I presented in Central Western Qld last year.

Those participants will be the lucky last for the foreseeable future. I want to give my gallery practice some very overdue attention.


These are Marge’s hands.

Every morning after breakfast she would crumble up bread to feed the pigeons.

Marge passed away on Thursday evening.

Life and death don’t happen at convenient times, I was running a workshop this weekend. As much as I didn’t feel up to it I had to get out of bed and face the day. I am so glad I did. This class was a lovely group of women

Our hands worked.

Our thoughts aligned.

And some things were made to float.

Thank you ladies.

You saved me from time in my mind.

Listening and learning

I often forget how important it is to spend time in the company of others.

On Monday I crawled out of bed (eventually. It’s winter and the cats are cuddly) and went down the hill to Qld Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists for Book & Paper Group ( you will notice the organisation isn’t good at short, catchy names).

I never remember to check the monthly activity before hand and as a result end up having spontaneous fun as I’ve come in with no plans or expectations.

This month Tricia Smout was teaching us Flexagons, little book structures which move in unexpected ways. Once you get the structure constructed to the point that you can see how it is going to move it’s hard not to grin with childish glee.

I think, between Book Group and workshops I’ve learnt most of the book structures I use from Tricia. If you are interested in getting started making your own Artist Books I highly recommend Tricia’s classes.

My next sales event isn’t until July

And after that you can check out Tricia’s work

In the meantime I am off to make that Flexagon Book on the Life Cycle of a Frog I promised Tricia.

Dont ask.

It’s a long story involving the chicken and the egg, and Frogurt the Legless Frog.

Now for something new

Last weekend I ran a 1 day workshop for Toowoomba Spinners and Weavers, and was also involved in the shop for the International Scarf Exchange Exhibition at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Sorry no pics.

It was a very busy weekend!

My 3 sample pieces from the workshop are now washed out and dried.

And I’ve started work on some new pieces, using both local and Toowoomba leaves.

I’ve also been topping up my stock of cards.

I love the bright colours you can get with vegetable matter. It’s not the palette generally known for Eco dyeing.

I’m teaching both techniques at my upcoming workshops – 2 day workshop on the 23&4th of this month and a 1 day workshop on the 29th July. Tickets and details available on Eventbrite.

Announcement! 1 Day Workshop July!

In addition to my 2 Day Workshops in June and September I will now also be running a 1 Day workshop for Qld Spinners and Weaver’s on July 29th.

I will still be teaching both eco dyeing techniques, however we will be working on silk scarves as the bundles will need to be small to ensure good prints in the short timeframe.

Book on Eventbrite via the link below

Making before Talking

So I have been making.


And scarves

And cards

But now it’s time to pack up my pot to travel.

Next weekend I’m off to Toowoomba to teach a 1 day workshop.

After that I’ve got a couple of weeks to play with the pot before my 2 day workshop at Qld Spinners & Weavers, at the end of June.

Both of the eco dyeing techniques shown above will be taught in these workshops.